From Finding the Right Amount of Government Regulation to Foster Innovation to Making Communities More Resilient – Highlights & Tech Trends from CES 2019


Considered the global stage for innovation, last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas brought over 180,000 attendees, over 4,000 exhibitors and 1,000 speakers. It also highlighted noteworthy aspects of the Tech industry and its interaction with global politics & government regulation, with tech trends to watch for in 2019.

Brian X. Chen, writer & author of the New York Times Tech Fix Column spoke with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer about an article discuss the future of tech in 2019(listen to audio below). He highlighted the following from the largest tech trade show in the world:

  • Apple working with others. Surprising news that a number of tech companies are teaming with Apple, whose products were historically tied to Apple made hardware.
  • Trade tensions. The muted presence of Chinese companies at CES amidst the current US China trade tensions.
  • U.S. Regulation of Technology. Implications of the current state of the U.S. regulatory environment (or lack thereof) for tech as seen in commercial use of drones and the mobility revolution. The lack of innovation speed up with regards to these two areas seems to be slowed due to the lack of government regulations which would allow further testing and development while maintaining public safety.

Additionally, CNET in its coverage of the event wrote an article to demystify  4 of the major trends that came out of CES:

  • Artificial Intelligence. Instead of people adapting to AI technology, AI is being made more accessible by adapting the tech to people.
  • Everyday 5G. Instead of just being a means of speeding communication, 5G is now accelerating the number of ways to connect and bring intelligence to more everyday (mundane) things in more places.
  • Sleep Tech.  Addressing the problems of sleep deprivation plaguing U.S. society and the negative health effects it brings, sleep tech had its own separate pavilion at CES, no longer falling under the health tech umbrella. Sleep tech emerged as one of the hottest new categories of the show.
  • Technology with a Stronger Societal Impact. From cutting down traffic fatalities to decreasing meat production by creating a burger that tastes so much like meat, some vegetarian & vegan would decline to it, CES placed a greater emphasis technology that saves lives and the planet. One of the newest pavilions at CES was the topic of Resilience, with a focus on technology & innovation that helps communities  protect from and help them bounce back from natural disasters, resolve water crises, and improve food security. 

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