Legal Blog Discussing the Intersection of Law, Entrepreneurship & Innovation; and the Emergence of Business & the Law to Facilitate Innovation in Business Strategic Practices. Created by Janelle Lewis: Attorney, Business & Legal Strategic Consultant

Creating a Bridge Across the Atlantic Blog Series

The Creating a Bridge Across the Atlantic is a legal blog whose mission is bring a new perspective to the law by introducing and discussing:

  1. The intersection of law, entrepreneurship & innovation; and
  2. The role of the law in business strategic analysis and decision-making

All with the objective of changing the perspective of the law in business from a reactive need to a proactive tool.

Discussed topics include:

•The legal aspects of traditional business strategic analysis and planning;

•Blue Ocean Strategies;

Legal strategy and  legal planning for global entrepreneurs who plan to expand or establish their businesses to the U.S. market;

•Bridging the Divide between startups founder and the law;

•Traditional and emerging legal topics that impact  entrepreneurs of startups, SMEs, and online businesses;

•Legal insights & analysis of U.S. laws for Non-U.S. legal professionals;

•Up-to-date information on legal developments taking place in both the U.S. and the world that impacts global entrepreneurship; and

•People, places and events that both strengthen global entrepreneurship  and increase opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to globalize their businesses.


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