Mr-Bubo, LiveCities, and Parkd – Startups Who Are Making New Year’s Resolutions…Four Years From Now

How do you make your city a better place? How do you engage urban citizens? How do you change their responsibilities and their liabilities? While people around the world were making new years resolutions, there are startups that were making resolutions four years from now. These startups are setting goals and establishing objectives where citizens… Read More

Strengthening the Global Startup Community – How the Startup Grind Barcelona – San Francisco Summit Played a Part in the Ongoing Development of the Global Startup Ecosystem.

  By Janelle M. Lewis, Principal Attorney, The Law Office of Janelle M. Lewis Where can startups find advice and connect with investors, other startups and other interested “stakeholders” in the startup ecosystem? If I was asked this question on October 8th, I would have known exactly where to direct inquirers – the 1st annual… Read More

Why Startups Who Want to Scale to the U.S. Should Consider Participating in U.S. Startup Accelerator Programs

By Janelle M. Lewis, Principal Attorney, The Law Office of Janelle M. Lewis What are Startup Accelerators and what can they do for early-stage Startups? The term “startup accelerators” is often used as a catchall phrase to describe startup support programs, such as, incubators and angel investor programs, but not all of these programs are… Read More

“E is for Entrepreneur…but also for E-visas”

With increasing controversy surrounding H1-B visas in the U.S. and its impact on foreign workers and opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs, many other visa options have been overlooked, which could provide foreign entrepreneurs with opportunities to establish or expand their business operations to the U.S. One such group of visa options are the E-visas. Foreign entrepreneurs who… Read More