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JML Business & Legal Strategic Frameworks

Understanding the business & legal landscape and having a strategy are keys to an organization’s success.

JML Business & Legal Business Strategic Frameworks

JML Business & Legal Strategic Frameworks merges traditional business strategic analysis with the law to strengthen a company’s ability to develop a strategy that leads to: 1) sound decision-making; and 2) successful execution of business activities in order to achieve the company’s objectives. If you are interested in strategic frameworks created by JML Business & Legal Strategic Consulting, you can find out more information and purchase the following strategic frameworks on platform.

Value Chain Analysis During a Disruptive Event

Assessing the Impact of Regulations on Business Strategy

Creating Value Through Remote Work Stakeholder Analytical Framework

Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Work Arrangements

THESE LEGAL BASED STRATEGIC FRAMEWORKS DO NOT REPRESENT OR CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE. Their purpose is to allow business decision-makers and consultants to assess the legal aspects of their business strategy using a framework that incorporates the legal and business factors to use in strategic analysis, strategic planning, and strategic execution with respect to the organization’s value proposition within their business strategy.

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