Legal Blog Discussing the Intersection of Law, Entrepreneurship & Innovation; and the Emergence of Business & the Law to Facilitate Innovation in Business Strategic Practices. Created by Janelle Lewis: Attorney, Business Strategist

Creating a Bridge Across the Atlantic Blog Series

Discussing a New Perspective of the Law

The Creating a Bridge Across the Atlantic is a legal blog whose mission is bring a new perspective of the law in business from a reactive need to a proactive tool by introducing and discussing:

•The gap between law and strategy, and how to bridge the gap;

•The law as a value creation tool;

•The law as a source of competitive advantage;

•The legal aspects of traditional business strategic analysis and planning;

•Legal and regulatory updates that impact business strategy, objectives and activities

Legal strategy and  legal planning for global entrepreneurs who plan to expand or establish their businesses to the U.S. market;

•Bridging the Divide between startups founders and the law;

•Traditional and emerging legal topics that impact  entrepreneurs of startups, SMEs, and online businesses;

•Legal insights & analysis of U.S. laws for Non-U.S. legal professionals;

•Up-to-date information on legal developments taking place in both the U.S. and the world that impacts global entrepreneurship; and

•People, places and events that both strengthen global entrepreneurship  and increase opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to globalize their businesses.

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